Golden Coast Productions, Inc. Announces Release of Ski Stronger(TM)--The Skier's Workout

(Santa Barbara, CA) November 15, 2011. Golden Coast Productions, Inc. is proud to announce Ski Stronger(TM)--The Skier's workout. This fifty-minute, comprehensive ski-training program is available now on DVD and as a digital download. Ski Stronger marks the company's fourth full-length training video, following the company's popular Surf Stronger(TM) series.

"We are excited to release this breakthrough ski conditioning workout, a program we believe will benefit skiers worldwide," said Golden Coast Productions, Inc. president Todd Walsh. "For the first time ever, skiers now have a concise, easy-to-follow workout program on video that they can do anywhere. This workout sets the bar for excellence in ski conditioning."

Filmed in brilliant HD in a stunning alpine setting above Lake Tahoe, California, this video is an essential workout for any skier looking to stay fit for skiing. This workout uses minimal equipment: an exercise ball, a yoga mat, and a pair of dumbbells.

"For many skiers, skiing is a seasonal sport," said Ski Stronger Program Director Scott Adams, CSCS. "Most skiers can't rely on just skiing to get in shape for the ski season. That's why we created this program: to give skiers a highly effective, follow-along workout program that they can do anywhere. As we like to say, better fitness equals better skiing."

The fifty minute video workout includes:
-Warm up. The pre-ski warm-up routine builds dynamic flexibility prior to training or skiing.
-Workout. The main workout leads you through functional training movements that prepare you for the rigors of skiing. You will build core stability, leg strength, balance, and endurance specific to skiing.
-Cool down. The post-ski cool down helps you wind down after the workout or after a day on the mountain. The cool down routine enhances mobility in your hips, legs, and back.

DVD extras include:?
-Exercise Index: Detailed instructions for every exercise in the skier's workout. Progressions and modifications are shown to customize the workout for all fitness levels.
-Ski Stronger Express Core Workout: A ski-specific core routine that targets the abdominal, back, and hip muscles. A quick workout that compliments the main workout when you are short on time.

DVD: $29.95. Digital download: $14.95. Available now at

About Ski Stronger: ?Lifelong skiers and conditioning experts Scott Adams and Todd Walsh co-created the first-of-its-kind workout program, Ski Stronger(TM)--The Skier's Workout. The workout helps build ski-specific leg strength, core stability, and total body conditioning.

A professional fitness trainer for more than fifteen years, Adams holds a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. A lifelong skier, Walsh brings his background in skiing and extreme endurance competition to help co-create the Ski Stronger training program. Ski Stronger videos are designed, produced, and made in California. For more, visit,