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Golden Coast Productions is the proud maker of Ski StrongerTM--The Skier’s Workout and the popular Surf StrongerTM video series. Drawing on research-based principles of exercise science and extensive skiing and surfing experience, these sport-specific workout programs are challenging and effective. It is our belief that the better your fitness for your sport, the better you'll perform and enjoy your sport.

Ski Stronger
In 2010, Golden Coast Productions set out to create a cutting-edge, ski-specific training program. Led by Program Director Scott Adams, CSCS, the team worked with champion skiers and ski coaches to develop Ski Stronger--The Skier's Workout. Filmed at Squaw Valley, California, the Ski Stronger workout helps develop leg strength, core stability, and total body conditioning. The Ski Stronger workout is available in digital download and DVD format.

Surf Stronger
While surfing the cold and daunting waves off Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, Golden Coast Productions founders Scott Adams and Todd Walsh learned that better fitness equals better surfing. With that simple idea the duo created Surf Stronger--The Surfer's Workout, a first-of-its-kind video workout program for surfers. Next they released the highly anticipated follow-up, Surf Stronger--Core Training. Most recently, the team partnered with Fitness Anywhere, Inc. to produce the Surf Stronger TRX Workout. The videos have received accolades from top surfing publications—including Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf, Surfline, and Tracks—and from surfers worldwide. To learn more about Surf Stronger, visit http://surfstronger.com.

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