Ski Powder: Three Tips to Ski the Fluffy White Stuff

Most skiers get to a point where they graduate from skiing intermediate terrain, and want to get off the beaten path and into some powder! Indeed, the idea of whooshing through virgin powder, making big turns, and floating down the mountain is an experience most skiers eventually aspire to.

But going from the groomers to the pow', can be challenging. Skiing legitimate powder is not as easy as it looks. We consulted with pro skier, Sven Brunso out of Durango, Colorado to get a few tips.

1. Work your way up. Like anything in life, the best way to learn a new skill, is to do so as a progression. Kids learn to ride a bike with training wheels. Big wave surfers start with small waves, and eventually progress to overhead waves, then well overhead waves. Progressing your skiing is no different. The key is to master a new skill with great form, and then progress from there. "With powder skiing, start by seeking out light to moderate powder days, and skiing in shin to knee-deep powder. The edges of groomed runs often have powder so you can sample the feeling while not straying too far from your comfort zone. Get acquainted with the new feeling and master your technique in shallow powder. This will give you confidence to ski the deep stuff," says Brunso.

2. Stay centered and relaxed. Sounds like a tip for life (and it is) but is key to skiing powder. In powder, be mindful to stay centered and over your skis. The natural tendency is to sit back on your skis, but with powder skiing staying directly over your skis helps keep you on the sweet spot of the ski and feel them beneath you even when they are beneath the powder. It is important to keep both skis weighted in powder. When carving on groomed runs you put a majority of your weight on the downhill ski, but when skiing powder you need a stable platform and more even distribution.

3. Use the right tool for the job. "Demo some powder-specific skis and take full advantage of the new rockered technology," suggests Brunso. "These skis allow you to surf in the powder much like a snowboarder. These new style skis make powder skiing much more efficient and save vital energy so you can ski bell-to-bell."

We hope these tips will help you on your journey to master powder skiing. Of course being fit to ski is critical to skiing your best. Get Ski Stronger--The Skier's Workout, and get the most efficient ski-specific workout available.

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(Sven Brunso going deep, and charging.)

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